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Rich Aboriginal history

Journey back in time to where our story begins, with the First Nations people of this region. Discover the enduring legacy of the Wiradjuri people, whose lives were shaped by the mighty Murray River. Here, water runs deep, not just in the landscape, but also in the stories, songs, and traditions that connect them to their country.

Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk

Yindyamarra is more than just a word, it’s a guiding principle in Wiradjuri culture. It means respect – deep respect for each other, for the land, and for every action we take. This slow, mindful approach lies at the heart of the Wiradjuri way of life.

Experience these values firsthand on the scenic Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk. This 5km path (shorter loops available) winds along the mighty Murray River, showcasing fourteen sculptures created by local Indigenous artists. Each piece tells a story and embodies the values of Yindyamarra. Walk, cycle, or simply stroll – the pace is yours.

A child stands amongst three large sculptures of laughing kookaburras.

The Crossing Place Trail

The Crossing Place Trail follows the mighty Murray River along a 5.1km loop. Inviting you to pause and soak in the breathtaking vistas that have seen centuries of change. 

Be captivated by the sculptural works of local First Nations artists. Unearth the tale of Yarre the Mailman. Spot a scar tree. And delve into the importance of the billabong environment for First Nations communities. Look out for wildlife like platypus, dunnarts, water rats, and rare black-billed spoonbills

A large sculpture of a moth-woman standing on top of a large rock on the Crossing Place Trail. The sculpture is named Myee by Treahna Hamm

Wiradjuri Talkback

In partnership with the local Aboriginal community, the Albury LibraryMuseum has developed a powerful permanent exhibition to highlight Aboriginal heritage and recognise the traditional knowledge and significant artefacts of the Wiradjuri region. 

Among the exhibits are original artefacts such as a preserved canoe scar tree, Riverina bark painting, historic sketches by Tommy McRae, and tools that celebrate local Aboriginal traditions and knowledge.

Join a guided tour

Giilangyaldhaanygalang Wiradjuri Storytellers offers a unique experience that combines art, history and culture.  Take a guided walk along the Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk, learn the melodies of the Wiradjuri language, and connect to the land and community through stories passed down for generations.

More than a guided tour this is your chance to deepen your understanding of the enduring Wiradjuri culture.

Three walkers pose next to a sculpture named 'The Big Picture' by Katrina Weston located on the Yindyamarra Sculpture Trail.

Kengal Aboriginal Place

Tucked away in quiet farmland, Kengal Aboriginal Place – The Rock Nature Reserve is a small but diverse haven surrounding a remarkable geological giant: The Rock, soaring 364 metres above the plains.

Take the family and find a relaxing picnic spot, or if you’re an avid adventurist, have a go at rock climbing with friends. Hikers looking for something short, vigorous, and with a big scenic view at the finish line will also appreciate the reserve.

A couple stand at a look out point admiring the sunset view at the Kengal Aboriginal Place, The Rock Mature Reserve

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