Bethanga Bridge Lake Hume
Bethanga Bridge - Lake Hume

Lake Hume

With a spectacular backdrop of undulating hills, and the awe-inspiring Dam Wall taking centre stage, Lake Hume is magnificent from every angle.


Only 15 minutes from town, the gentle, rolling slopes of Lake Hume make it very easy to set up for the day, and then cool down with a quick dip as the sun gets high in the sky.

A grand day out


Built between 1919 and 1936, the Hume Dam is nothing less than an engineering triumph. Viewing platforms at various points along the wall offer stunning photo ops, and perfect picnic spots at nearby Kookaburra Point, with BBQs in place for a family day out. You can drop in to Posh Plonk to pick up your favourite local red, white or sparkling wine before heading home – but make sure you call ahead as bookings are essential.

Fast-paced fun


If you’re after something to get your pulse racing, you might try your hand at wakeboarding, water-skiing or tube-riding from Adventure Ski. These water sports are available to individuals and groups of all experience levels, and are designed to satisfy the thrill-seeker in everyone.

Hook, line and sinker


Anglers of all levels have been casting off at Lake Hume for generations. Featuring local freshwater specialties such as Murray Cod, Rainbow Trout, Redfin and Golden Perch, the fish population is sustainably managed by Victorian and NSW authorities. Such an abundance of fish means you’ve got excellent odds for catching that night’s dinner or hooking an unforgettable first catch. Before you bait that first hook, though, make sure you have a Victorian Fishing Licence, if you haven’t already got one.

As another sunset melts into the horizon, you’ll be blessed with one last photo opportunity from your day at Lake Hume. But it’s more than likely you’ll come back again tomorrow, just like the locals do.



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