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Back to nature in Albury Wodonga

Discover every kind of nature, whether you’re looking to explore, push your limits, or just breathe the fresh air. From the hills around Albury Wodonga you’ll take in sweeping views, beautiful wildflowers, native wildlife and birds to be spotted from riverbank to gumtree canopy.
At Huon Hill you might spot kangaroos bounding around, and if you’re lucky, at the peaceful Swainsona Reserve you could even glimpse the shy Swamp Wallaby.

Incredible vistas await at Huon Hill

Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens is the centre peace to the naturalistic beauty in and around Albury Wodonga. The Gardens are home to over 1,000 species representing some 450 genera and 95 plant families. Wander your way through the beautiful garden pathways that wind among spectacular established trees and beautiful garden beds. 

Botanic Gardens

Eastern Hill Lookout/Hume & Hovell Walking Trail

Eastern Hill Lookout is Albury’s most accessible lookout, no hiking is involved. You can drive to the top. Enjoy the great views from the comfort of your car. If you’re after something extra special, you can follow the last couple hundred meters of the Hume & Hovell trail (which is flat and achievable for all fitness levels), which gives you incredible views over Albury Wodonga proper. Great for young kids and dogs. 

Fox & Federation Hill

Towering over the south side of Wodonga, Fox and Federation Hills are great for avid and novice hikers alike. Pack a lunch and climb your way to great views. The lack of overgrowth makes the hill safe from the usual hazardous suspects such as snakes. Good for dogs.

Gateway Island

Nestled between The Murray River and Wodonga Creek, Gateway Island is Victorian soil between Albury and Wodonga. Gateway Island is home to a beautiful riverside trail, great for all fitness levels and is highly accessible. Park your car at Gateway Village and make your trek around the island path. 

gateway islandgateway island

Kiewa River Walking Track & Huon Hill Parklands

If you’re after a hiking adventure than look no further than the picturesque huon hill parklands. Park your car at the Kiewa River to begin your hike. Follow the river and take the rail up Huon hill. You’ll be previewed to great views as you wind around the hill on your ascent. This track is lengthy and we recommend packing food and a few water bottles, especially if it’s a hot day. Alternatively, if you want all the gain with no pain, you can drive yourself to the top to enjoy the lookout in all it’s glory. 

Kookaburra Point

Kookaburra Point is a great spot to enjoy Lake Hume. There are several bays protected from the lake’s centre making it a great spot for a splash in the water with the kids or dogs. With an abundance of shady trees, BBQ and toilet facilities and a boat ramp, Kookaburra point is the best way to relax by the lake. 

kookaburra point

Kurrajong Gap Lookout

A little further afield you can enjoy the highest lookout point in our region, with spectacular views over Lake Hume with Albury Wodonga in the background. With sheltered seating, Kurrajong Gap Lookout is also a great spot for a snack or packed lunch.

Hume Weir Wall

This very well may be the number one picnic spot at Lake Hume. Enjoy well kept green lawn perfect for picnic rugs, with spectacular views over lake Hume. Once your finished your meal, take a leisurely stroll across the weir wall and enjoy the views down stream of the mighty Murray River. For more spectacular camera angles, take a short drive down trout farm road and behold the might of the weir wall from below, in the aptly named below weir wall parkland. 

weir wall lookout

Les Stone Park

Tucked away in Wodonga’s residential area along the house creek trail, you’ll find Les Stone Park a hidden gem of natural beauty. Take a stroll along the creek paths and enjoy pockets of poplar trees along the babbling brook. Great for a family picnic and great for exploring with the kids.

McFarlane’s Hill

Yet another beautiful hiking trail on the outskirts of Wodonga. Not for the fait hearted, as your confronted with a steep climb beyond where you leave your car at Coyle’s Road. After a bit of sweat you’ll be granted a stunning view of Wodonga and the western plans. Head down over the hill into Swainsona Reserve.   

Mungabareena Reserve

Simply referred to as ‘Mungab’ by locals, Mungabareena Reserve is a site of importance to Wiradjuri people, a meeting place both past and present. Naturally, Mungab is a beautiful spot to see the murray river, and is a site well used by locals from all walks of life. There are toilet facilities and large grassed areas, making it great for family picnics. Please be careful as the river is fast flowing an dangerous here, so children ought to be supervised at all times. Take extreme caution when going near the water to fetch frisbees or balls. 

Nail Can Hill Reserve

This walking track along Nail Can Hill hosts annual running competitions and mountain bikers. Nail Can is part of regional crown land, and is approximately 11.5 km in length (excluding the intricate network of mountain bike trails). If you love the outdoors take a stroll for part of it, parking on Gap Road carpark, or the whole thing beginning at centaur road in Hamilton Valley.  

Sumsion Gardens

This stunning man-made lagoon in Wodonga is home to Belvoir adventure park, great outdoor BBQ and toilet facilities, not to mention woodfired-oven community gatherings, and adjoining dog park. Enjoy a leisurely wander around the shared cycle path around the lagoon, and say hello to our duck and geese friends. 

sumsion gardenssumsion gardens

Swainsona Reserve 

At the base of McFarlane’s hill to the south, you’ll find Swainsona Reserve. Park your car at the end of Felltimber Creek Road, and enjoy the reserves population of beautiful native birds and trees, as well as the feture point gulley along the gulley trail. 

Wonga Wetlands

Heading west out of Albury, you’ll find our wonderful Wonga Wetlands. Seasoned bird watchers and everyday nature lovers should spend some time in the bird hides and walking trails of Wonga Wetlands. This spectacular floodplain environment is home to 176 identified species of birds. Please not that Dogs and Bikes are not allowed on the wetlands. 

Wonga Wetlands

Yindyamarra Scupture Walk & Horseshoe Lagoon

The Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk is a beautiful walking trail follows both the Murray river and adjoining horseshoe lagoons. The trail is 15m in total, but enjoy as much or as little as you like by parking your car at the Kremer Street Car Park which houses a few spectacularly located picnic tables and well kept toilet facilities. The sculpture walk itself, to no surprise, is dotted with brilliant artistic sculptures. You can thank our indigenous community for bringing life and culture to an already stunning riverside walk.

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