Art Partners Australia Art Gallery

488 David Street,
Albury 2640, New South Wales

Art Partners Australia works closely with Australian artists to create contemporary art collections.

In Gallery One, a new exhibition, Return to Water, has been launched showcasing the contemporary paintings by Melbourne artist Rick Matear. Rick shares his interpretation of the coastal landscapes of the Mornington Peninsula - capturing the reflection of light on water and evoking an atmosphere of tranquillity.

In Gallery Two, on exhibition is the work of nationally-recognised Waradgerie (Wiradjuri) artist, Lorraine Connelly-Northey. Her artistic practice is inherently influenced by her western and Indigenous heritage. Her use of scavenged materials, such as wire and corrugated iron, creates a transformative tension within her work. She utilises materials associated with European settlement and industrialisation of the land and repurposes them into sculptural works that utilise traditional weaving techniques associated with Indigenous culture and reference traditional objects, such as narrbang-galang (bush bags).

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