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Albury Visitor Information Centre will be closed on Thursday 25 April for ANZAC Day.

3 Day Kids School Holiday Sewing Class Workshop

The 3 day School Holiday Sewing Class Workshop is a creative space where children can have the opportunity to learn all that is textile and fashion though expression of ones self. This workshop is a hands on experience where all child complete their very own product, create a patterns and embrace networking with other like […]

Underworld: Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties

Welcome to the dark side of the Roaring Twenties. Descend into Sydney’s seedy underworld, where the only rules were never squeal to the police and always, always shoot first. Criminals thrived during the turbulent 1920s when rapid societal change led to the opening of new illicit markets for entrepreneurial felons. Sydney’s police photographers captured the […]

Thingamabobs and Whatchamacallits

Have you got a drawer full of whosits, whatsits and thingamabobs at home? Have you seen a rusty device from a bygone age and wondered what it was for? Maybe you remember a strange old contraption from your childhood. The Thingamabobs and Whatchamacallits exhibition takes a closer look at some of the old odds and […]

Questacon’s Science on the Move

Questacon’s Science on the Move exhibition is an intriguing exploration of a broad range of scientific themes including the principles of music, sound, human biology, light, force, motion, ecology and the environment. Participate in exciting, hands-on physics activities. Use your body to create a battery and learn about chaotic motion through the interaction between magnets […]

In Between

In Between explores the diverse artistic works of a number of artists who have sought asylum in Australia. The works express their lived experience of fleeing their homelands, being detained in immigration detention centres and stepping into life in Australia. Viewers are invited to reflect on the importance and benefits of welcoming asylum seekers into […]

The Plan (and Other Plans)

HotHouse Theatre presents a World Premiere production. By Grace Rouvray and Bridie Connell. Rosie and Gen’s parents are divorced, making their trips back to their hometown a complicated journey of passive aggression and massive regression. There’s something about going back to your hometown that makes you feel so big yet so small at the same […]

Cadence by Frank Burgers

Cadence: the fleeting end to a body of work, a resolution, a denouement In this latest exhibition in the Hallway Gallery, artist Frank Burgers presents a series of small abstract studies. These works are the result of a line of compositional enquiry exploring the fundamental elements and principles of art such as colour, line, tone, […]

Symphonie Of The Bicycle

HotHouse Theatre presents Brink Productions. “Life is short, but the Tour de France is long … and hilariously painful!’’ Over 200 years ago a volcano erupts over Indonesia spreading an ash cloud all the way to Europe. In a moment of inspiration after the death of his horse, inventor Karl Von Drais devises a two-wheeled, […]

The Alphabet of Awesome Science

Presented by That Science Gang. Join professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge (the Word Nerd and the Science Freak), for a thrilling voyage through the alphabet – where great big chewy sesquipedalian words inspire mind-blowing scientific surprises. Professor Lexi Con has curated a curious collection of her favourite words (one for every letter of the […]

Erth’s Prehistoric World

Presented by Erth Visual & Physical Inc. Two worlds. Twice the thrill. Bringing ancient creatures from land and sea together in one show, Erth’s Prehistoric World is the perfect combination of theatrical magic and charm. It takes the audience to the bottom of the ocean to discover ancient bio-luminescent creatures and incredible marine reptiles, and […]

CDP Kids Presents The 13-Storey Treehouse

Would you please welcome to the stage, Andy and Terry. Yes, that’s right. Today’s the day Andy and Terry are going to bring their stories to life in their first EVER play –except they forgot to write it. Where will they find flying cats, a mermaid, a sea monster, an invasion of monkeys and a […]


Presented by Flying Fruit Fly Circus. When the orchestra hasn’t shown up and the audience is waiting, call the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. Tempo is a new show from the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Australia’s National Youth Circus. A highly distinguished conductor has arrived to conduct their latest symphony but the orchestra is nowhere to […]

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