Your vAW Tourism Team. L to R: Kim Strang, Sue Harper, Suzy Watson, Lucy McEwan, Cellina Little


Key staff


Kim Strang – Acting Manager Cultural Services and Tourism (Wodonga Council) 02 60229283

Sue Harper – Tourism Team Leader (AlburyCity) 02 6023 8262

Cellina Little – Tourism Coordinator (Wodonga Council) 02 6022 9222

Lucy McEwan-  Tourism Officer (AlburyCity) 02 6023 8275

Suzy Watson – Albury Visitor Information Centre Coordinator(AlburyCity)02 6023 8716

Ros Walls – Events Team Leader (Albury City) 02 6023 8398

Duryarne Streat – Acting Team Leader Arts and Events (Wodonga Council) 02 60229356


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