Hierarchy of needs by Tai Snaith

Celebrating wild and interesting animals from around the world, Hierarchy of needs explores the important roles these creatures play in Earth’s biodiversity.

This playful and educational exhibition features animals from Tai’s latest picture book, Wonders Under the Sun: A Collection of Daytime Creatures, published by Thames and Hudson. In this book, more than 280 animals, from the tiniest pollinators to the heaviest giants, are classified into unusual and humorous groupings from Legless Legends to Spotted Bottoms, and are presented alongside factual information on each species and their habitat.

For this exhibition, Tai explores the different needs of her favourite animals ranging from food and water to play and work, inspired by the well-known pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, originally penned in 1943. Her series of collaged, hand-cut and painted artworks depict animals with meticulous detail, engaging viewers of all ages. In addition, the exhibition will feature an enormous mural, new animations and dioramas that bring the lives of animals to life in three-dimensions.

Hierarchy of needs will appeal to children and adults alike, encouraging curiosity about animals and nature and the importance of looking after the environment, providing habitat and caring for country.

Hierarchy of needs was originally commissioned by Bayside City Council.

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