Avenue Q

118 Hovell Street,
Wodonga 3690, Victoria
  • Sun, 24th March 2019

Avenue Q tells the timeless story of a recent college graduate trying to find his way in the world. Set in New York City all the way out on Avenue Q (he could not afford anything better), we are introduced to fresh-faced Princeton as he struggles to find his purpose: meeting friends, finding love, losing love, and finding it again, along with way.

Inspired by the beloved children's show Sesame Street, Avenue Q creates a puppet-filled world that is a little more reflective of the difficult, R-rated realities that we face when he learn that real life is not as simple as we dreamed it might be - but perhaps, suggests Avenue Q, life is all the more colourful and worthwhile for it. Avenue Q is part felt and packed with heart, winning three Tony Awards in 2004 - Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book. It has been said, you would be a muppet to miss it.

Please Note: Despite featuring puppets, Avenue Q is rated MA15+. It is not suitable for young children; but suitable for teenagers if parents are okay with them seeing full puppet nudity, hearing naughty words and witnessing quite a furry sex scene.

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