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Seasonal Six Autumn Edition

Our Seasonal Six for Autumn has been dedicated to taking stock of where we are, resetting ourselves and helping our communities get back on their feet. This autumn we’re inviting you to experience the sights, sounds, aromas and sensations of life in regional Australia because a short stay goes a long way in our local communities.

We still have all the city fun too, coupled with the opportunity to spend a big night out and recover the next morning in the delights of nature. So after the festivals and fun with family and friends, head to one of our many amazing reserves and parklands; no camera, no mobiles, no distractions and no conversations. Truly relax before you leave for home.


Yindyamarra Sculpture Trail
Yindyamarra Sculpture Trail


Get Back to Nature

Have you taken the time to stand still this year? Have you heard the birds fluttering above you, the flow of the water against the cool edges of the riverbank or the gentle rustling of the leaves through the canopy overhead? This autumn, experience the damp earthy aromas after a sudden shower and how the gum leaves smell alive with their sharp eucalyptus flavour in the great outdoors of Albury Wodonga. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face at the Albury Botanic Gardens or delight in a twitcher’s paradise at the Baranduda Parklands or in the Wonga Wetlands. Experience the beautiful and purposeful artworks created by Aboriginal artists along the Wagirra Trail and Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk. Take the time to stand still and immerse yourself within it all to feel true relaxation set in this autumn.


Go Behind-the-Scenes

Forget the chocolate. This Easter is all about experiences to remember. If you’ve ever thought of riding into the sunset on the back of a Harley, getting a birds-eye view of Lake Hume, a lake six times larger than Sydney Harbour, or floating down Australia’s single longest navigable river, now’s the time to stop dreaming and start doing. Tour contemporary art in the region’s most significant art museum or hop to the high country and enjoy a tasty brewery tour. Indulge in your experience today.


Murray River Canoe Hire
Experience the mighty Murray River with Murray River Canoe Hire


Escape to Adventure

Embrace the change as we come into autumn and take your adventure outdoors. Albury Wodonga has a range of tracks and trails that will take you on different journeys to be conquered on foot or on wheels. Start your adventure on Nail Can Hill, a local favourite and home to the famous Nail Can Hill Run. Hear the birds twitter overhead and the wind whistle around you at Castle Creek Reserve and share your journey with the local flora and fauna. Or snap that incredible shot at Huon Hill Parklands, rising above our twin cities to offer awe-inspiring views of our region. For those looking for a true escape, take yourself over to McFarlanes Hill and immerse yourself in the natural marvels there. Make the most of the changing seasons and breathe in the wonder of the outdoors in Albury Wodonga.


McFarlane's Hill, Wodonga - Sunrise
McFarlane’s Hill, Wodonga


Experience the Unique, the Unusual and the Unexpected

The autumn months bring with them a welcome change from the summer heat, making it such a wonderful opportunity to visit friends and family and make the most of the festivities taking place in Albury Wodonga. The inaugural Upstream Festival is a family affair sure to delight as you revel in the unique, the unusual, and the unexpected. When the evening hits, gather your friends and indulge in a show. From music to comedy to drama, take the night off and create memories with your pals. There’re some truly great events this season that are worth the visit.


Support our Neighbours

Take your loved ones on a day trip with that #emptyesky, when you #roadtripforgood and #buyfromthebush. A short stay goes a long way to helping our neighbouring communities in the recovery process. Keep up to date with us as we check out the events happening in our surrounding regions this autumn.




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