Sydney Melbourne Touring 2018 – 2019 Program

Learn how you can benefit from being a part of the Sydney - Melbourne Touring Program.
The corridor between Sydney and Melbourne is one of Australia’s most popular self-drive holidays. The capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne and the national capital, Canberra, hold great appeal for a wide range of international visitors to Australia. For these visitors, the option to drive at their own pace, stay in Australian towns, experience Australian nature and river systems, see Australian wildlife and meet Australian people is becoming more and more popular.
AlburyCity is a key partner in Sydney Melbourne Touring's (SMT) “Heritage Drive” touring route. The “Heritage Drive” along with the “Coastal Drive” are fast becoming the preferred touring route for our international visitors.
To find out more information, review the 2018/19 SMT prospectus or contact John McGaw on 0422 934 093 or [email protected].