Strategies and Research

These reports present key statistics and information about the number and type of visitors to Albury Wodonga. 

Albury Wodonga Visitor Economy Trends

This report present key statistics and information about the number and type of visitors to Albury Wodonga. More specifically, data is provided on domestic day visitors, domestic overnight visitors and international visitors to Albury Wodonga. The report also benchmarks Albury Wodonga’s performance in comparison to other regional destinations, and measures the social media engagement and on-site visitor information enquiries recorded through the Albury and Wodonga Visitor Information Centre's.
Reports from previous years can be obtained by contacting the relevant council (AlburyCity 02 6023 8111 or Wodonga Council 02 6022 9300). 


Murray Region Quarterly Update: Year ended March 2018

As a continued commitment to providing valuable research to our industry, AlburyCity and the City of Wodonga together with the Murray Region Tourism Organisation is pleased to provide one consolidated report, outlining key visitation results for the Murray region and associated sub destinations. We believe the data provided in this report will assist both decision making and business planning. View the report here.

2014 - 2017 Destination Management Plan for Albury

AlburyCity recognises the contribution tourism makes to the city. There is ample opportunity to grow that contribution and the flow-on benefits that come from being a recognised tourism destination. Accordingly, AlburyCity continues to take a leadership role in tourism, working with industry to increase its contribution to sustainable growth and development and implementing the recently endorsed 2014 - 2017 Destination Management Plan for Albury, which aims to increase tourism’s contribution to its economy and lifestyle offer.

Wodonga Destination Plan 2014 to 2019

Wodonga is quickly becoming a significant regional city and is an important contributor to Victoria’s economy, liveability and vision for a 'state of cities'. Building on work of the previous Strategic Destination Marketing and Development Plan 2011-2014, the Wodonga Destination Framework 2014 - 2019 seeks to clearly identify the opportunities that will enhance the tourism industry in the city over the next five years.


Murray Regional Tourism Destination Management Plan

The Murray Destination Management Plan (DMP) provides the blueprint to secure growth and economic vibrancy for the region. The DMP is a strategic plan whcih builds ont he outcomes of the Murray region DMP 2012, to provide an updated strategic approach to prioritising key tourism expereinces and product development and ensure continued sustainable growth of the visitor economy.


Destination Riverina Murray  Destination Management Plan

Destination Riverina Murray (DRM) is one of six Destination Networks established by the NSW Government. With the objective of driving growth to the visitor economy, the DRM Destination Management Plan identifies how it will strengthen the region’s visitor economy by developing strong partnerships with industry, local government and tourism organisations to collectively contribute towards increasing visitation, expenditure and dispersal within the Riverina Murray region.