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In Albury Wodonga you'll find yourself at the centre of a stunning and diverse region. 
The area around the historic region of Albury Wodonga is rich with natural beauty and outdoor activities. Forming the border between NSW and Victoria, Albury Wodonga straddles the Murray River and sits at the centre of the Sydney-Melbourne-Canberra triangle.
There are plenty of things to see and do in and around Albury Wodonga. Gorgeous parklands hug the riverbanks and provide a picturesque setting for family picnics, swimming, canoeing and cycling river trails. Visitors can even try their luck at catching an elusive Murray cod.
The region offers approximately 5,500 beds with more than 60 accommodation providers. From self-contained apartments to boutique cottages, motels and caravan parks, you'll be spoilt for choice.
The drive to Albury Wodonga along the Hume Highway is an easy one. The scenery is pleasant, the road conditions are good and there are plenty of rest stops along the way.
The extensive bus and train services link Albury Wodonga to the capital cities and numerous regional centres on a daily occurrence.
For visitors who choose to fly, there are over 150 flights in and out of Albury Airport each week allowing travellers from Sydney and Melbourne to arrive in Albury Wodonga within an hour.
Sydney (552km)1 hour5.5 hours7.5 hours
Melbourne (310km)55 mins3 hours3.5 hours
Adelaide (867km)via Melbourne9 hoursvia Melbourne
Canberra (367km)via Sydney3.5 hoursN/A